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Happy Holidays, Tumblr!

If you’re spending the day with family and friends I wish you safety on your day of celebration. Should you choose to spend time online today, I hope your dash is overflowing with the best Tumblr has to offer. 

I hope that you have been able to use this blog to find a good laugh, at least once, and I have had a great time in the past year getting to know so many of you! 

Thanks :)


Happy Holidays, Tumblr!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
What is Ask the cat?
chemistry-cat chemistry-cat Said:

Well, it looks like you just did. 

Daily challenge: make a chemistry joke not involving water or sodium today. 


Chemistry Cat approves.


Chemistry Cat approves.

you’re all in the chemistry cat fandom now. 

in case you were unaware, we are a fandom.


there is no way I wasn’t gonna reblog this

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